The Ham Shack at WA1QIX (Formerly, KA1SI)

Hi! Welcome to the ham shack. I do have lots of pictures, however I have only put a few on the Web. If anyone wants to see more, or see other stuff, please let me known! Email me at, or catch me on the air.

The overall picture of the Shack shows most of the main equipment. To the far left is the old 450 TL rig (which is currently partially dismantled, as I will probably not use this transmitter again) - occupying the two large racks.

To the right of the old 450 TL rig, in the black rack is the 400 watt class E solid state RF deck for 75 and 160 meters. The modulator and power supply for the 400 watt class E transmitter is below the 450 TL final, in the large blue rack.are in the large blue rack. The solid-state class E transmitter's modulator is a Pulse Width Modulator using 4 IRFP260 MOSFETs.

The 400 watt class E 40 Meter transmitter is mounted above the 75/160 meter RF deck.

Also shown are the receivers, audio rack, monitoring and test equipment and quite a bit of junk.

Enjoy! Click on the small picture for a bigger picture of the shack.
Here are the pics.

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Take care and '73 - Steve